Retention thumbnailWhat’s the secret to retention success? What are the real-world implications of retention for you and your employees?Ceridian’s HR Vice President Deb LaMere shares how transparency helps Ceridian boost retention and engage employees  

Want to Retain Your Top Employees? Transparency is Key [Part 1 of 2]

Rentention strategies imageQ&A with Deb LaMere, Ceridian vice president of employee engagement

What is your definition of retention? What are the real-world implications of retention for you and your employees?

While the issue of retention doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, it serves as the foundation for many HR initiatives. To dig deeper into this issue, we sat down with Ceridian vice president of human resources strategy and engagement, Deb LaMere, and asked her about Ceridian’s retention initiatives.

Q: How would you describe Ceridian’s general approach to retention?

For Ceridian, employee retention is all about transparency. We firmly believe organizations that are open, honest and straightforward with their employees see higher retention rates. Employees have always been our top priority, but retaining them at a quickly growing company isn’t easy. To change our employee culture, we’ve had to overcome our fair share of internal and external challenges.

Q: How does Ceridian prioritize which retention issues should be addressed?

We regularly conduct an employee engagement survey that solicits employee feedback and helps us determine our retention priorities. We spend a lot of time analyzing the survey results to determine employee trends at the department and organization levels. This process helps us identify best practices by examining the culture and management styles of groups with high retention rates. Conversely, we pay close attention to departments with high turnover, looking for commonalities in employee perceptions and issues within these groups.

5 Ways to
Ensure Engagement
Survey Success

  1. Get buy-in. Ensure your
    leaders are committed to
    acting on the survey results.
  2. Outsource to a professional.
    Working with experts will provide
    you benchmarking data while
    ensuring employee anonymity.
  3. Promote the survey. Encourage
    participation by offering incentives
    and communicating how survey
    results will be used.
  4. Create an engagement team.
    Assemble a team of leaders to
    review the survey results and
    make recommendations.
  5. Take action. Show employees
    how you are using the survey
    results to make positive
    changes in your organization.

Source: Monster “Employee Engagement”
Surveys: The Secret Sauce of Business”

Q: What insights have you gained from your engagement surveys? How does this data shape your HR priorities?

One of the ways we use our engagement surveys is to identify areas of high turnover expense. For example, we invest significant time and resources into training and developing our implementation team. Consequently, turnover in this department is expensive. This team’s engagement scores help us identify how we can offer them better support through training, career guidance and more competitive pay.

Additionally, we use engagement trends in individual departme

nts to identify broader issues within the company as a whole. These trends are translated into specific retention initiatives and prioritized based on urgency and resources required.

Q: How has Ceridian’s engagement survey feedback influenced the development of your retention programs?

Analysis of our engagement scores highlighted the role that leaders of all levels play in boosting retention. Understanding this influence, Ceridian has developed three leadership programs aimed at giving leaders the tools and support they need.

  • Top Talent Program: Designed to nurture emerging leaders, our Top Talent Program helps employees of all levels enhance their leadership skills through intensive training, mentorship support and project management experience.
  • New/Emerging Managers Program: As part of Ceridian’s management training process, this program provides new and emerging managers an in-depth look at our management principles and provides guidance on the logistics of being a manager.
  • Manager Essentials Program: This advanced manager training provides participants further insight into their leadership style and the characteristics of effective leaders. Managers use case studies to explore management issues and discuss ways to navigate common situations.

Ceridian’s retention initiatives serve as the foundation for creating a culture where employees feel valued and supported. Be sure to check back next month for the second half of our interview with Deb LaMere, which will focus on impacting retention through motivation factors and job harmonization.

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