Click to read Ceridian's article on creating a buzz-worthy wellness program.Is your wellness program buzz-worthy? With the right culture and promotion, your wellness program can be viewed as a key benefit for employees working at your organization. Seem impossible? Read on to discover the secrets of how to build a relevant and engaging wellness program.  

4 Steps to Creating a Buzz-Worthy Wellness Program

What value do your employees place on your wellness program? Is it viewed as a perk or just another benefit that few employees use? With the right culture and promotion, your wellness program can be viewed as a key benefit for employees working at your organization. Seem impossible? Read on.

Measuring the VOI of wellness programs

To understand the true value of wellness programs, it’s important to look beyond the standard ROI metrics. Gartner’s VOI, or value on investment, evaluates the intangible influence wellness programs have on an organization. The metric examines non-financial criteria like absenteeism and productivity, along with more abstract factors like employee happiness, ambition and self esteem. By combining the VOI and ROI metrics, organizations can evaluate the true impact and benefit of wellness programs.

“Thinking through the value of one’s investment in wellness challenges organizations to broaden their view of employee rewards and perks. While tangible rewards focus on the extrinsic value of working at your organization, wellness programs shift the attention to the intrinsic value. The rewards of wellness have a lasting impact on employees and position them to be happier, healthier and more engaged,” said Jennifer Piliero, senior product manager for Ceridian LifeWorks.

Learn four tips on how to create a buzz-worthy wellness program.

4 steps to creating a buzz-worthy wellness program

To position your wellness program as an employee perk, your wellness program must be relevant and useful. Follow the steps below to establish a buzz-worthy wellness program.

Step 1: Establish a wellness culture
Without a culture of wellness, it’s unlikely that your program will thrive. Start by evaluating current health perceptions and use this assessment to determine your action steps. Enlist executive leaders to exemplify wellness habits and guide your company through the cultural shift. Among employees, identify wellness champions who can inspire and encourage peers to participate in the wellness program.

Step 2: Create goals
Before implementing a new program, step back to determine exactly what you want to accomplish and how you will measure success. Investigate your organization’s primary health challenges and develop three to five year wellness goals focused on these issues. Involve key decision makers and your wellness champions in the goal setting process and be sure to create goals that are SMART – specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timely.

Step 3: Offer diverse, pertinent wellness features
Channel your resources into offering programs and services most desired by your employees. Consider offerings such as:

  • Health risk assessments – Gain insight into the overall health of your employee population
  • Health coaching – Help employees tackle health issues like tobacco use, stress and weight management, and sleep health
  • Incentives – Encourage healthy behaviors by offering incentives for participation in a variety of programs
  • EAP integration – Support the whole employee by addressing emotional and financial health in addition to physical well-being. Leverage your EAP/Work Life and Wellnes programs to offer a truly integrated communications plan.

Step 4: Brand and promote your program
Develop a strategic, ongoing communication plan to promote your wellness program offerings. On at least a quarterly basis, highlight resources, success stories and healthy tips. Make your communications fun and be sure to use a variety of channels, including social media, email, intranet, newsletters and in-person gatherings.

By investing in the intrinsic value of wellness, your organization can make a lasting difference in the lives of your employees. For detailed information about each of the steps highlighted in this article, click the link below to download our wellness eBook: The Four Squares of a Well-Balanced Wellness Program.

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