From the October 2013 issue of CeridianVoice.

October 2013 News Briefs

Open Enrollment Changes Employees Should Understand

The changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act are prompting some employers to alter their health insurance offerings and the details of these options. Employees should be aware of six changes that could impact them in 2014 and use this information to make smart benefit election choices. Read more about these health insurance changes on the Employee Benefit News website.

Top Workforce Management Apps

Managing employees’ schedules can cause headaches, stress and inefficiencies. For that reason, many organizations are turning to today’s top workforce management apps, including Ceridian’s Dayforce Solution. Read more about these apps on the Wall Street Journal website.

Think Twice Before Investigating Potential Employees Online

The prevalence and easy accessibility of the internet has tempted many HR professionals to investigate a job candidate online before they decide to hire them. However, due to the legal ramifications of this simple action, HR professionals should think twice before they look up an individual online. Read more on the Human Resources Executive Online website.

Key Skills Needed for Human Resources Management

Today Human Resources careers are demanding and require a diverse set of skills and abilities. Specifically, there are nine key skills that every HR professional should have. Discover all nine skills on the HR Daily Advisor website.

The Importance of Training Your Workforce

In today’s era of tight budgets, training is often one of the first HR programs to be cut. However, today's training investments help build the foundation for long-term business success. Investigate how building a high-performing training program helps HR support the organization’s strategic business goals. Read more about training on the Workforce website.