In most businesses, 35 percent of expenses are spent on compensation, benefits and human resource (HR) operational costs. Of these, HR operational costs account for most of the expense -- further proving the familiar saying, "people are a company's most important resource."  

Refining the intersection between people, process and technology through consultative engagement

Connection-Jan2011-Consultative-5.jpgIn most businesses, 35 percent of expenses are spent on compensation, benefits and human resource (HR) operational costs. Of these, HR operational costs account for most of the expense -- further proving the familiar saying, "people are a company's most important resource." 

Each year, Ceridian helps organizations process 100 million payroll, COBRA, time and attendance, FSA, and tax filing transactions on a daily basis. Ceridian has created solutions that help businesses effectively manage these and many other costly HR processes, with the goal of ensuring that organizations are getting the most out of their most expensive and valuable asset, their people. 


The process

Ceridian's Consultative Engagement Services work with organizations to ensure the efficient utilization of their people, HR processes and technology. Using a variety of standard and proprietary business improvement process methodologies, Ceridian can help define and measure a company's existing human resource process and expenditures. With its unique expertise across HR disciplines and its long-term partnerships with thousands of employers, Ceridian provides expertise and knowledge of best practices that can improve a company's existing HR management processes and people utilization. Through consultative engagement, Ceridian helps a client organization create a project plan to pursue, then realize and sustain those improvements. With Ceridian's help, companies can establish a methodology that implements and monitors those improvements once they've been made. Companies benefit from significant savings as a result of the consultative process while also increasing HR productivity and improving their overall bottom line. 

  • Ceridian's solutions are aimed at reducing HR costs, improving service and increasing revenue.
  • Long-term savings, generated by greater value out of a company's human resources, more than pays for Ceridian's consultative services.
  • Ceridian has created millions of dollars in year-over-year value by helping companies better manage their human resources.


What's the investment?

In most instances, the savings recognized within the first 1 to 3 years of Ceridian's Consultative Engagement Services more than pays for the time and services fees involved in process improvement. Refer to Chart 1 for the kind of return on investment that can be expected with Ceridian. 



Is this unique?

Many companies offer HR management consulting services at a reasonable cost. And there are plenty of companies who produce and sell HR technology solutions. But Ceridian has the HR KnowHow and expertise to merge both effectively. 


Why Ceridian?

Ceridian understands human resource processes. Ceridian not only manages ,more than 100 million HR transactions annually but also continues to produce some of the industry's best HR technology solutions. By working with thousands of customers on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, Ceridian has been able to gain plenty of HR experience and most importantly, KnowHow. HR management through better technology solutions has always been Ceridian's primary business. Ceridian is and will continue to be a trusted partner and leading HR technology provider who creates value for our clients throughout the life of our partnership. HR is who we are and what we do. 


People, processes and technology

In fact, we understand people, processes, and technology so well that we believe we can create value for any company by helping them best utilize their people, processes and technology. Ceridian offers the HR technology solutions that help companies work more efficiently. And we have the HR KnowHow to help you improve your processes so you can get the most value from your single most valuable resource: your people. 


Customer Success Stories
Sector: Technology 
Employees: 1,000 
Created Value: $445,000 over five years 
How: Conducted a systems overview and identified manual interfaces that if automated would save approximately 2,800 hours ($89,000) per year 

Sector: Financial Services 
Employees: 1,200 
Created Value: $79,000 over five years 
How: Conducted a process review of new hires and identified manual processes that could be automated, saving more than 1,300 hours, $12,000 per year
  "Ceridian has been recognized by well-respected industry organizations for its innovation and integrated technology. There continues to be absolute confidence not only in our account executive, but, more importantly, in their support teams in terms of their product/application knowledge and off-the-chart integrity and honesty. Collectively, they instilled strong confidence in Ceridian's products and services."

Director of compensation and HRIS 
Ace Hardware Corporation

Sector: Food Services 
Employees: 11,000 
Created Value: $918,000 over five years 
How: Moved a substantial number of employees from paychecks to paycards. Client recognized significant savings in labor costs ($55,000 per year), payroll costs, stop payment fees and other related banking cos. 

Sector: Manufacturing 
Employees: 6,800 
Created Value: $2.8 million over five years 
Story: Some of the created value was recognized through the company's use of Ceridian's benefits eligibility product, which enabled them to identify dependents who were not eligible.