From the September 2012 issue of CeridianVoice.

September 2012 News Briefs

Employee benefits and wellness

New health care reform regulatory guidance available
New regulatory guidance has been published interpreting a few key employer provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The new guidance addresses how employers will determine which employees qualify as "full time" under PPACA's "play-or-pay" mandate, interprets the maximum 90-day eligibility waiting period limit for employer group health plans, and confirms the employer affordability safe harbor based on employee W-2 income rather than household income. Read more.

Study: Many benefits communication budgets under-funded

Benz Communications, a leader in employee benefits communication, has released their 2012 "Inside Benefits Communication" survey report, which indicates that many HR departments do not receive sufficient money in their budgets to create an effective communications plan, among other key points. The report also provides cost-effective tips for keeping your employees engaged and informed, such as using online tools to build a year-round conversation. Read more.

Wellness programs linked to financial security
The Principal Financial Group annually ranks the 10 best American companies for employee financial security. This year's list of winners have something notable in common: they all offer some sort of wellness program. Could it be that healthier employees spend less on health care and therefore save more money for retirement? Read more. 

Human Resources

Survey: Big HR changes coming in 2013
In a recent Towers Watson survey, 44 percent of employers indicated that they intend to alter their Human Resources strategy in 2013. Approximately 70 percent of companies that said they are planning to make a change indicated they would move to (or return to) a shared services model for HR. Read more.

Infographic: Engaged vs. disengaged employees

Kevin Kruse is a successful entrepreneur, investor, speaker and bestselling author on the topic of employee engagement. His companies have won both "Inc 500" and "Best Place to Work" awards. His latest book, Employee Engagement 2.0, is "a how-to manual for managers who want to unleash the discretionary effort of their teams," according to his website. In this infographic, Kruse demonstrates the difference between engaged and disengaged employees, and the impact of each on your organization. See more. 

Seven ways to really engage employees
In this post on his "Leadership & Learning" blog, Kevin Eikenberry discusses seven powerful ways to engage people in the workplace, including helping them see how they fit into the company's mission, and why this mission is important in the first place. He also discusses why money did not make his list. Eikenberry is an author, speaker, trainer, consultant, facilitator and business owner. Read more. 

Ceridian in the news

Ceridian executive named Top Women in Finance honoree
Lois M. Martin, executive vice president and CFO at Ceridian, has been honored with a Top Women in Finance award and a Circle of Excellence award by Finance & Commerce. Ceridian's Chairman, President and CEO, Stuart C. Harvey, Jr., said, "I'm delighted that she's being recognized for her outstanding accomplishments, her dedication to teamwork, her commitment to delivering results and her effective leadership." Read more.