From the March 2010 issue of Ceridian Connection.

It isn't easy being "green" -- but we're trying

For many years, Ceridian worked toward environmental sustainability by improving and streamlining our information technology solutions -- both those applied to our own business and those used by our customers. Recently Ceridian has redoubled our efforts to address the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change and energy consumption and conservation. While many of Ceridian's technologies still help companies streamline their HR and payment solutions, enabling them to become more sustainable, other Ceridian efforts have had an equally direct impact on the environment and our energy use. 

Ceridian's technologies and HR business solutions can help companies become more sustainable. As the leading provider of payroll, gift card and controlled spending solutions, we help our customers decrease the use of print, paper and related natural resources. Some examples of Ceridian's green solutions include direct deposit services, on-line W-2 services and self-service solutions. The use of these services has a profound impact on paper consumption and on the physical storage required to house, manage and support this paper volume. Ceridian business solutions such as Commuter Administration Services (CSA) promote the use of public transportation when getting to and from work. 

In addition, Ceridian has empowered its numerous operations and facilities to implement common sense, sustainable solutions. Examples of these green efforts include: 

  • Ceridian's UK business offices in "Green Park", an eco-friendly facility
  • Ceridian LifeWorks has converted much of its print educational materials to digital format
  • Several facilities have implemented environmentally-conscious landscape designs, enhancing the water quality of nearby lakes and streams
  • Print reduction campaigns have resulted in 600 fewer printers and reduced office paper consumption by 15 percent
  • Recycling throughout all Ceridian U.S. offices has decreased landfill volume by more than 20 percent
  • Ceridian facilities use an energy project checklist to evaluate and reduce their energy consumption
  • Ceridian's real estate footprint has been reduced by 31 locations, with space reductions in six additional locations

Ceridian is committed to both serving our customers and doing all we can to sustain the world and create a better place to live and to work.