INSIGHTS 2022 | Innovation keynote

How the latest trends in the new world of work will transform organizations

Uncover key trends that will shape workplace volatility today and beyond

Work has changed and it’s not going back. The pandemic and underlying structural shifts have transformed the way work happens today. So how can you help your organization adapt and succeed?

This session will showcase the Dayforce vision, our technology, and the latest innovations empowering our customers with a more intelligent approach to human capital management. Plus, hear directly from Ceridian customer Coca Cola on how they use Dayforce to empower their people, make data-driven decisions, and achieve compliance.

You’ll hear from Ceridian executives like David Ossip (Chair and Co-CEO), Leagh Turner (Co-CEO), and Joe Korngiebel (Chief Technology Officer), as well as leaders across product management, product design, and talent intelligence.

Watch the keynote replay from INSIGHTS 2022 today.

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