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iHeartMedia promotes payroll efficiency

The advertising company finds success with integration between Ceridian Tax Services and Workday.


iHeartMedia is a leading global advertising company specializing in radio. iHeartMedia had the challenge of handling payroll taxes for its 13,000 employees in-house. Even with a highly skilled team, keeping up with growth and changing regulations was difficult. The payroll tax review process was manual, time-consuming, and error-prone. The company began looking for a solution that could integrate with their existing HCM software, create efficiencies, and reduce errors.


iHeartMedia partnered with Ceridian Tax Services in 2012. Ceridian supports an integration with Workday, iHeart’s HCM solution, which allows the company to efficiently transfer payroll files on a weekly basis. This reduced the time it takes to review payroll taxes from a few days to a few hours. The number of tax agency inquiry notices iHeartMedia receives has dropped, reducing liability exposure.


  • 85% reduction in tax agency inquiry notices
  • 66% reduction in staff required to process payroll taxes
  • 20% reduction in time to process W2s

“It’s peace of mind. When we were doing everything in-house, we had to keep up with all the regulations. Now it’s in Cerdian’s hands, and they’re on top of new taxes.” – Don Barham, Director of Payroll Taxes

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