Human Capital Management (HCM) Technology Value Matrix 2020

Nucleus Research names Ceridian a Leader

Ceridian has been named a Leader for the eighth consecutive year in the 2020 Technology Value Matrix for Human Capital Management (HCM) by Nucleus Research, with a strong position in both product usability and functionality. Nucleus is an independent research and advisory firm, specializing in ROI-based analysis that demonstrates the business value of technology deployments.

In the report, which compares 17 HCM solution providers, Nucleus states Dayforce’s unique platform architecture continues to set it apart from the competition and deliver distinct value to Ceridian customers. A single application producing a single data set governed by a single rules engine, Dayforce users are able to navigate all facets of the solution with the same user interface. Nucleus notes that this provides users with a cohesive experience and eliminates integration challenges.

Ceridian’s innovative technologies such as Dayforce Wallet, strength in talent management, global capabilities and continued geographic expansion played a key role in its top position this year.

Read the analysis to learn why Ceridian and Dayforce lead in HCM technology.

Square logotype used to identify leaders in Nucleus HCM Value Matrix
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