HR and Talent Management Benchmarking Report 2019

Measure your HR department against key industry benchmarks and trends

The second edition of this report uncovers trends in HR, and explores where the industry is headed. The study is based on a survey conducted by in partnership with Ceridian. It not only reports on the status of HR and talent management today but examines which practices could have a positive impact on HR’s performance.

The survey covered two broad topics: the general state of today’s HR departments and HR’s performance in specific talent management areas. It also looks at which way HR is trending compared to responses from the 2018 survey.

This report explores key questions pertaining to the current state of HR:

  • Are HR departments growing or shrinking?
  • How well is HR doing its job?
  • What are the top priorities for HR departments?
  • What do high-performing HR departments do differently?
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