How to build a next-gen workforce for the future of healthcare

The healthcare industry is in a period of seismic change. Rapid technological advancement, the aging population, new payment models, and the rise of preventive care are changing the nature of healthcare in every way. To keep pace with rising demand and improve patient outcomes without burning out workers, organizations will need to focus on the workforce more than ever before.

Watch Ceridian's Jarrett Jedlicka, Vice President & Principal, Industry Advisory – Healthcare and Matthew Stoll, Senior Principal - Value Advisory for a deep dive into how healthcare organizations can overcome the sector’s biggest challenges and prepare for the future by building a next-gen workforce.


Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How the current state of the healthcare sector is creating new challenges for organizations
  • Why improving conditions for the workforce should be the next strategic imperative for healthcare leaders
  • How technology can help healthcare organizations recruit, retain, reskill, and optimize the workforce
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