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The Houston Texans score a touchdown with Dayforce

How does an NFL team with a diverse workforce – from office staff to football players – manage payroll and HR, whether at home or on the road? With Dayforce.

The Houston Texans, owned by Bob and Janice McNair, is the 32nd franchise of the National Football League (NFL). The professional football team joined the NFL in 1999, realizing Bob McNair’s dream of returning a team to the Houston area after the Houston Oilers left the city to move to Tennessee.

Deeply committed to Houston’s community, the team understands the value and importance of its fans. “We want to make a difference. We know if someone chooses to come to one of our games, they’re investing a lot. We want to be able to provide a memory they'll have with their kids and their friends for a lifetime,” says Marilan Logan, VP and Chief Accounting Officer for the Houston Texans.

Houston Texans staff members want to leave their guests with great memories and strive to deliver excellent customer service. “When we’re looking for staff, it's about hiring for talent. We're looking for behaviors. We have an acronym, IMPACT, which stands for being innovative, memorable, passionate, accountable, courageous, and always team-first,” says Marilan.

In 2016, the team was honored by the Houston Chronicle for the fourth consecutive time as a winner of the Houston Metro Area Top Workplaces Award, a recognition based solely on employee-driven feedback.

“Showing our employees the organization’s purpose is important. Employees will be more engaged if they align with the purpose of the company. We're about winning championships. But it's also about making a difference in people’s lives and in the community. I think when employees know that, they’re able to relate their individual jobs to the higher purpose,” says Glenda Morrison, Director of HR for the Houston Texans.

A scramble to keep track of employees on the move

The Houston Texans staff is comprised of 750 energetic employees, including part-time staff, full-time staff, coaches, interns, cheerleaders, and of course, football players.

Since the team’s founding, staff numbers at the Houston Texans have swelled from 400 to the current 750, an approximate 80% increase. However, the team’s HR and payroll processes were stuck in 2002. “If you walked into someone’s office the day after a game, you’d see a giant stack of paper timesheets to be manually put into the system,” says Marilan.

Different team positions and roles require travel, which adds complications to payroll.

“With the Houston Texans, you’ve got road game trips, you've got training camp away. You’re going to have 150 Houston Texans [staff] on any given road trip, throughout the season and in training camp. For payroll, one of the problems we have is the multi-jurisdiction states for taxing. It’s become a big challenge. It would literally take us a day and a half to go in and do all of the paperwork,” says Marilan.

“We receive a travel manifest from our football operations side. They tell us who travels, and where. If the employee has state withholdings, they are subject to pay state taxes, for duty days for working in that state,” says Lisa Ruiz, Director of Payroll Services at the Houston Texans. “It would take our team multiple steps – four entries per person – to take the wages from one state and apply them to a different state and have those state taxes deducted from paychecks. It was time consuming.”

The increasingly complex, manual payroll process was overwhelming the HR/payroll team. “We need to make sure we get our people paid on time,” says Marilan. “So, you start looking for different answers. You start asking, ‘What can I do to make a difference? What can I change?’”

Dayforce helps the payroll team reach the end zone

A Ceridian customer since 2002, the Houston Texans looked to Dayforce to solve its payroll processing challenges. The solution’s unified platform, mobile support and Ceridian’s history of stellar customer service were decision factors in Dayforce’s favor.

“The one thing separating Dayforce from the competition is the company’s history of customer service. As a Ceridian client, we have always felt we have been given the best and highest service. We expected nothing to change,” explains Glenda.

“From the first conversation with our salesperson where we shared what we wanted, to hearing what they had, to doing our due diligence, the Dayforce implementation teams partnered with us to work hand-in-hand,” says Marilan. Since implementing Dayforce, the Houston Texans HR/payroll team has been able to cut its processing time by half, and the team estimates it has achieved an 80% improvement in its ability to do state taxes. “There are so many things that happen in payroll, and people are making changes all the time. It used to take us a day and a half or two days to do state tax entries. Now we can run payroll the same day,” says Lisa.

“Since we’ve implemented Dayforce, processing payroll has become much faster. The employee clocks their time via the mobile app from virtually anywhere. We pull a time clock from Dayforce and are able to pull hours and time from the same day if we need it. The process has become much more efficient than it was before,” says Lisa.

Dayforce’s mobile app provides essential support for traveling employees. “Our employees who travel during the season to various cities for away games are never away from the system. They always have it right in their hand, on their cell phone to use if they choose, for time and attendance input, for approval, or to check their last earnings statement,” says Glenda.

Every payroll-related process is automated in Dayforce, including timesheets, address changes, benefits and even invoices, saving the Houston Texans 40 to 60 hours a month. Staff complete their own paperwork and it is verified by the system, saving the HR staff from having to manually double-check every paper-based sheet.

More time to focus on culture

The move to Dayforce has left the Houston Texans’ HR team with more time to engage in higher-level HR activities. Staff can focus on larger tasks without feeling rushed or stressed. It’s allowing everyone to take on more, which in the end, supports company growth.

“HR impacts not just the people, but the company as well. It affects your bottom line. When you are recruiting for talent, if you don’t get it right and there’s turnover, it's going to cost you money,” says Marilan. “Dayforce has allowed us to improve efficiencies, expedite our processes, and make those processes work that weren’t working. Now instead of spending all their time on payroll, my team is able to do planning. They can visit with staff. They can be proactive and live up to our culture of collaboration and innovation.”

“We are an innovative organization because that’s going to lead the industry. We encourage our employees to give us feedback and tell us how we can improve – from improvements in HR and Dayforce, to how fans interact or how they see the game,” says Marilan. “If you’re not happy with something, change it. Change is good. If you don't change, how are you ever going to get better? We decided to change, and we chose Dayforce to be our partner in the process.”

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