A holistic approach to HCM

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Leading companies will drive long-term value by removing data siloes and taking a bigger picture view of HCM practices.


A holistic approach to HCM

This deep dive explores one of the ten trends in the Ceridian Market Perspectives 2019 HCM trend report. As you navigate the changing world of work, this deep dive provides intel for reimagining your approach to HR, as you strategize for the future

There are three aspects of a holistic approach to HCM that are noteworthy.



Address the complete HCM experience

Companies are realizing the benefits of taking an employee-centric approach to HR processes and technology. They’re using design thinking to break down barriers between HR process areas (such as payroll, time, benefits, workforce management, and talent management).


Consider permanent and contingent labor as one

Companies see the growing importance of contingent labor as a critical source of talent. They are recognizing the value of the Total Talent Management model – looking at and managing their permanent and contingent workers holistically to maximize productivity.


Factor in global delivery

Managing payroll for a multi-national company holistically creates significant value, like the ability to scale and have visibility into global operations.


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