Constellation Research analysis: Dayforce recognized as Best Holistic HCM suite for midmarket and enterprise

Constellation Research, a technology research and advisory firm, released its research report on Ceridian as part of the firm’s Market Overview series. The report, entitled “Ceridian Doubles Down on the Integrated HCM Suite,” analyzes Dayforce and its capabilities to satisfy enterprises’ demands to power their people operations with an integrated HCM suite. In the report, Constellation states that Ceridian has the most holistic, complete, and functionally deep HCM suite.  

Constellation explores differentiators that set Ceridian Dayforce apart. According to Constellation, these differentiators include:

  • A broad and proven integrated HCM suite that accelerates enterprises: Ceridian has delivered a single set of HCM capabilities in a single application and offers the broadest and most proven holistic HCM suite from the vendors covered in the Constellation Market Overview series. Dayforce’s strong technology foundation makes it well suited to help enterprises accelerate their people processes.  
  • Compliance strength that creates business stability: Ceridian has mastered what is a key challenge for enterprises – software that helps ensure compliance during daily, regular user activity – and is set up well to maintain a positive track record.
  • Knack for complex HCM automation to create customer value: Ceridian has a positive track record for tackling the most complex and challenging processes in HCM automation, specifically payroll and workforce management. In fact, managing time, pay, as well as benefits in a single application with leading capabilities is a strong differentiator for Ceridian, as is the vendor’s continuous calculation payroll capability. In combination with its strength in compliance matters, the ability to deliver on these functional automation areas is a very appealing (and hard to imitate) offering that works for Ceridian customers in the market every day.
  • Strong suite of talent management capabilities: Over the last five years Ceridian has delivered a complete talent management suite as part of Dayforce. With a common architecture across all functional capabilities, Dayforce ably meets organizational talent management needs.
  • Execution DNA that delivers product richness: Ceridian has had a very strong innovation and growth execution record for the last seven-plus years and there is no indication to doubt the vendor will keep executing well. Few vendors can match the Ceridian execution track record during this time period.

Constellation concludes that Ceridian has the best holistic HCM suite for not only the midmarket, but also, larger enterprises. Read the analysis to learn more.

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