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Data Sheets

Data Sheets

  • A Single Application for Human Capital Management
    Dayforce HCMLearn more about Ceridian's Dayforce Human Capital Management solution and how it can help your business' HR management.
  • Benefits
    Dayforce Benefits Learn more about Ceridian's Dayforce benefits administration services provides accurate, compliant and insightful expertise for your business.
  • Benefits + ACA Reporting

    Dayforce HCM: BenefitsLearn how Dayforce HCM can help you deliver a benefits package that not only saves you time, but becomes a vehicle for attracting top talent. 

  • Compensation Management

    Dayforce Compensation Management Data Sheet Learn how Dayforce Compensation Management enables front line managers with  information, guidelines, and tools to make better compensation decisions.

  • Dashboards

    Dayforce HCM Dashboards Data SheetEmpowering organizations to capture greater insights and have access to enhanced visibility into all human capital domains, Dayforce Dashboards puts the power of analytics into your hands so you can strategically make the right business decision. 

  • Dayforce Custom Go-Live Training

    Dayforce Custom Go-live TrainingDayforce Custom Go-Live Training is a customized education solution designed for end-users.

  • Dayforce Essential Org Readiness Toolkit

    Dayforce Essential Org Readiness ToolkitHelp your employees with a smooth transition to Dayforce HCM with the Dayforce Essential Org Readiness Toolkit.

  • Dayforce Go: Mid-size Business HCM

    Dayforce Go Data SheetDayforce HCM for mid-sized businesses offers award-winning payroll, time and attendance, human resources and benefits technology in an innovative, cloud-based offering called Dayforce Go. All in one database. All in real-time. All in an affordable offering. 

  • Dayforce HCM Modules & Features

    Dayforce HCM Product Modules & FeaturesLearn more about the modules & features available within the Dayforce HCM application – a great place to see what all Dayforce HCM has to offer. 

  • Dayforce Instructor-Led Training

    Dayforce Education Instructor-led TrainingGain insights with an engaging learning experience led by Dayforce HCM product experts.

  • Dayforce Learning

    Dayforce Learning Data Sheet Make learning an integral part of your employee’s journey by combining it with features like Talent, HR, WFM, Pay and other areas that your employees interact with daily.

  • Dayforce Live Membership

    Dayforce Live MembershipDevelop in-house expertise by attending live virtual training with Dayforce Live Membership. 

  • Dayforce MyPath

    Dayforce Education MyPath TrainingLearn more about Dayforce MyPath, a comprehensive learning and on-the-job training platform.

  • Dayforce Tuff Time Clock

    Dayforce Tuff Time Clock Data Sheet Thumbnail

    Dayforce Tuff is built for the toughest of workplaces, so you don’t have to worry about data loss AND you can expect quick and accurate time capture directly on the floor or at a work station. With a ruggedized design, Dayforce Tuff can reliably meet your workforce management time capture needs.

  • Document Management

    Dayforce BenefitsLearn how Dayforce HCM Document Management provides peace of mind and cost savings with simplicity and security for employees, managers and administrators. 

  • For Grocers

    Dayforce for GroceryToday’s grocers understand the challenges of operating with razor-thin margins. They know that, more than any other retail segment, labor cost control is absolutely critical to operational success. 

  • For Long Term Health Care

    Dayforce HCM Health Care Industry Data SheetWorkforce management can be challenging in long term health care facilities. Managers must focus on  providing quality patient care, while controlling labor costs of a qualified, caring staff. Dayforce HCM can help you manage your workforce through efficient scheduling, accurate and timely reporting to help you control spending – and have peace of mind. 

  • For the Not-for-Profit Industry
    Dayforce HCM: For the Not-for-Profit IndustryHuman capital management plays a unique role in community organizations and Not-for-Profits. With member services and program delivery the highest priority, these organizations rely on Dayforce HCM to help their teams provide the best possible experience while operating in a manner that is both compliant and cost-effective.
  • For YMCA Community Centers

    Human Capital Management for YMCA Community CentersYMCAs across North America have turned to award-winning Dayforce HCM to manage human resources more efficiently. A single application that delivers time and attendance, payroll, labor budgeting, scheduling and even task management, Dayforce HCM can address YMCA's human capital management needs.

  • Global Solutions: Dayforce ConnectedPay
    Dayforce ConnectedPay Data Sheet

    Learn about Dayforce ConnectedPay, Ceridian's international payroll solution for companies who need a global payroll and HR solution. 

  • Global Solutions: UK Payroll

    Global Solutions: UK Payroll Learn how Dayforce payroll for UK provides companies a single, convenient and easy to use solution to manage their payroll processing needs. 

  • Human Resources
    Dayforce Human ResourcesLearn more about Ceridian's human resources solutions and management from Dayforce.
  • Implementation Services
    Implementation Services Dayforce HCMImplementation services for Ceridian's Dayforce HCM use a methodology designed for successful outcomes. Learn how a planned, prescriptive and proactive process can create a seamless implementation process.
  • Managed

    Dayforce Managed Services Data SheetDayforce Managed enables organizations to focus on their core business by letting Ceridian take on key administration tasks. Let our team manage the day-to-day burden of payroll and benefits, so you can get back to what you do best. 

  • Mobile Application
    Dayforce MobileLearn more about Dayforce Mobile and how the mobile application puts access to your human capital management information in the palm of your hand.
  • Onboarding
    Dayforce Onboarding Data SheetDayforce Onboarding provides an understanding of the values, competencies and cultural elements of the organization and the role and helps assimilate the new hire socially into the organization, addressing the areas that are critical to employee commitment & engagement.
  • Open Enrollment Services

    Dayforce Open Enrollment Configuration Product SheetWhen you experience a change in your benefit plan design or benefit carriers, turn to Ceridian open enrollment experts to configure Dayforce HCM, so you can stay focused on ensuring a successful open enrollment experience. 

  • Payroll
    Dayforce PayrollLearn how the Dayforce payroll solution from Ceridian provides companies a single, convenient and easy to use solution.
  • Performance Management
    Performance ManagementLearn more about Performance Management capabilities available in Dayforce HCM, to effectively appraise employee performance, grown your business and retain top talent.  
  • Predictive Analytics

    Dayforce Predictive Analytics Data Sheet Learn how Dayforce HCM Predictive Analytics transforms big data into predictive outcomes to help leaders make better business decisions.

  • Recruiting

    Dayforce Recruiting Data SheetSimplify the application process for candidates with a configurable Candidate Portal, which can include your company’s unique brand standards. 

  • Services

    Dayforce Services Data SheetMaximize your investment in human capital management. With three service levels available, getting the right Dayforce HCM support for your business has never been easier. 

  • SMB: Ceridian HR/Payroll Suite for Small Business

    Ceridian HR/Payroll SuiteWhether you are an entrepreneur or the owner of a growing small business, you want a reliable, accurate online payroll and HR solution that keeps you compliant.

  • SMB: HR, Payroll & Tax Compliance for Small Businesses
    HR Payroll Tax Compliance CapabilitiesWhen you partner with Ceridian for small business HR, payroll and tax filing services, we help you minimize risk and maintain compliance while reducing your administrative burdens.
  • SMB: HR & Payroll Processing for Small Businesses
    HR Payroll Processing Small BusinessWith small business HR and payroll processing services from Ceridian, you can simplify processes for you and your employees.
  • TeamRelate Team Communication, Engagement and Productivity Solution
    TeamRelate Data Sheet An integrated part of the Dayforce HCM solution, Dayforce TeamRelate helps team members understand each other better, promotes effective interactions and builds relationships with purpose. TeamRelate also provides real-time, personalized coaching tips on how to communicate with employees to facilitate stronger relationships and drive engagement. 
  • Time & Attendance
    Dayforce Time and AttendanceLearn more about how Dayforce's time and attendance application helps your organization automate clocking and streamline time sheet maintenance.
  • Time Clocks Available for Dayforce HCM

    Overview of Time Clocks for Dayforce HCMFrom office to clean room to the toughest environments, Dayforce HCM has flexible, powerful options for employee time tracking, including time clocks, webclocks and mobile apps. 

  • Touch

    Dayforce TouchDayforce Touch takes time capture into the 21st century. Through the intuitive touch screen interface, increase clocking speed and accuracy. The integrated self-service functionality enables users to simply do more. 

  • Trusted Results: 1099 Services

    Trusted Results: 1099 ServicesOur partner, D2Xchange, can help maintain the highest level of security through a system regularly tested for security and compliance.

  • Trusted Results: Ceridian Payment Solutions
    Ceridian Payment SolutionsUse Ceridian’s check service and direct deposit to ensure that pay day is timely and accurate for employees and cost effective for you.
  • Trusted Results: Payroll Processing
    Payroll ProcessingLearn how Ceridian's payroll processing services and solutions makes payroll processing manageable and simple.
  • Trusted Results: Payroll Tax Filing
    Payroll Tax FilingSee how Ceridian's payroll tax filling service can eliminate manual payroll tax filing processes, reduce time spent on administration & maximize your investment.
  • Trusted Results: Tax Credit Services
    Ceridian’s Tax Credit ServicesCeridian’s Tax Credit Services can help you understand the complexities of federal and state tax credit incentives implemented by agencies to encourage hiring, job creation and economic development.
  • Trusted Results: Tax Professional Services
    Ceridian Tax Professional ServicesResolving tax issues can be time-consuming, complicated and expensive. However, with Ceridian’s expertise, you can efficiently resolve tax issues.
  • Trusted Results: W-2 Services
    W-2 ServicesCeridian offers W-2 printing, imaging and CD-ROMS to simplify your organization's burden and ensure tax compliance.
  • Trusted Results: Wage Attachment Disbursement Services
    Wage Attachment Disbursement ServicesMaintaining compliance with court and government agencies is critical. With our wage attachment disbursement service, you don’t have to worry about performing difficult manual processes, managing funds processing, and distributing or monitoring outstanding checks or other back-office procedures.
  • Wage Garnishment Administration
    Wage Garnishment Administration Data Sheet

    Let Ceridian’s experts handle wage garnishment administration from analysis of the order, to entry into the payroll system, notifications to agencies, payment processing, and even calls from garnished employees.

  • Web Services
    Dayforce HCM: Web Services Learn more about Web Services available with Dayforce HCM, when to use them and how they can benefit your human capital management solution. A Web Service is a type of application programming interface (API) by which third parties can write code that interfaces with other code. 
  • Workforce Management
    Dayforce Workforce ManagementLearn more about how Ceridian's Dayforce workforce management solution improves company workforce performance, reduce labor cost and align corporate goals.