Ceridian Adds Strategic Onboarding to Dayforce

Nucleus Research

At Ceridian’s annual influencer summit, Nucleus Research analyst Brent Skinner got a glimpse of Ceridian’s enhancements to Dayforce HCM, including the newly launched strategic onboarding module.  A perennial leader in its HCM Value Matrix, Nucleus states “Ceridian continues to fortify and expand the Dayforce HCM suite, and chief among the latest additions is onboarding, a component of the vendor’s foray into talent management. By freeing HR staff’s time to be more strategic, the automation that technology brings to onboarding results in notable productivity gains, Nucleus has found. Going beyond this, however, Dayforce is applying more than mere automation to onboarding, and the effect will be even greater gains in productivity for HR and new hires alike.”

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