Hawaii National Bank Transformed HCM

After a successful implementation of Dayforce HCM, Hawaii National Bank has now consolidated all of their human capital management processes including payroll, benefits, time & attendance, HR and self-service into one cloud-based solution.   

Hawaii National Bank Enters New Era of Human Capital Management

Hawaii National Bank Transformed HCM

From their early days in 1960 operating from a two-story building in downtown Honolulu, to where they are today with 13 locations across the Hawaiian islands, Hawaii National Bank has had the simple philosophy of empowering their employees to devote more time listening to their customers.

Hawaii National Bank’s HR and payroll processing team realized they had a few challenges. They were spending too much time on daily administrative work such as data entry and not able to focus on key business responsibilities. This was because their payroll and time & attendance processes were dependent on multiple systems to function. Due to lack of integration, manual processes were required to facilitate important human capital management tasks such as benefit enrollments.

After having implemented Dayforce HCM, Hawaii National Bank’s HCM processes (Payroll, Benefits, Time & Attendance, HR and Self-Service) were consolidated into one cloud-based solution. Hawaii National Bank has now entered a new era of human capital management. Payroll processing is now streamlined and less labor intensive, with no manual employee benefits enrollment. Changes to HR information and time & attendance are now facilitated in real-time.

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