Build the right workforce for the future of finance

Industry disruption, skilled labor shortages, and the effects of widespread automation are the biggest challenges in financial services today.


It’s no secret that technology is fundamentally disrupting financial services. Fintech is changing how customers access financial services and interact with providers, while startups are meeting rising customer expectations with unparalleled speed and flexibility. To move faster and stay competitive, leading finance organizations are reinventing themselves to align with new industry standards for personalized, affordable services.

Meanwhile, the pace of change is creating numerous workforce challenges. Widespread automation is rendering some roles redundant, while changing the job descriptions and required skillsets for many others. Finding talent is increasingly difficult, as newer, in-demand skillsets are still relatively scarce. Adding to the complexity, established institutions are now competing with startups – and their people-driven work cultures – for talent.

The time has come to modernize the world of work in finance. To successfully navigate disruption today – and in the future – finance organizations need to build next-gen workforces with the right skills, culture, and leadership.


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