Build a strong government workforce with employee-centric talent management

The workplace as we once knew it has changed. Virtual and hybrid work environments paired with the Great Resignation and trends like quiet quitting have made workforce management much more complex. To keep and attract talent, governments must prioritize delivering a positive employee experience and making work life better.

Legacy human resources (HR) management systems weren’t built to handle the functions that the modern workplace now requires. Many organizations are turning to HR management solutions to enhance their systems and address workforce pain points. HR management solutions put all the details about your employees in one place, from compensation to benefits and performance, helping agencies better support their employees.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how governments can benefit from innovating their HR systems. You’ll hear from a panel of experts who discussed:

  • The best practices for government workforce management to support recruiting, engagement, and retention
  • How agencies can manage the entire employee lifecycle on one platform, from recruiting and onboarding to payment and career development
  • How modern tools like automation and data analytics can streamline HR processes
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