Customer Stories

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island gains efficiency

Streamlined workflows improve the employee change request process, and help the company stay compliant.

For more than 75 years, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) has provided health insurance services to its members.


BCBSRI needed a more efficient way to notify its stakeholders about staff status changes such as a termination or department change. BCBSRI was ready to upgrade its system and processes to ones that would allow the company to be more efficient. Employee status changes had to be manually changed on various platforms. As part of a migration away from its old, dated system, BCBSRI needed to optimize its current process and create a new employee system of record.


Using Dayforce, BCBSRI created a custom form and workflow that could be initiated by a manager or HR personnel to notify stakeholders of employment changes. The form commits the change directly to the database, which reduced steps, manual entry and the potential for error.


Use of Dayforce helped BCBSRI reduce paper waste and streamline processes, while reducing organizational risk. The company eliminated five risks from the process and reduced one high risk to low. It reduced the use of multiple systems to a single source of record, and created and implemented a formalized process for employment status changes. Now the appropriate stakeholders receive notification of the change in employment status with only the required information.

What they say

“Thanks to the efficiencies gained through Dayforce, we’ve been able to reduce steps, manual/duplicate entry of information and reduced the risk for error surrounding our change in employment status process.” - Shannon Broadbent, Lead Benefits Analyst