Labor management system

Plan your people resources with purpose

Help employees think like the CEO by aligning daily operations with business goals

Icon representing control of labor costs with labor planning functionality

Control labor costs

Be more strategic with your people resources. Use historical data to help align labor plans with company sales targets, all while keeping budgets in line.

Icon representing how labor planning functionality can help avoid violations

Avoid violations

Labor planning data ties directly into the scheduling tool, and notifies managers immediately when schedules do not line up with defined budgets.

Icon representing how to ease compliance with labor planning functionality

Ease compliance

Get help with compliance by validating schedules against applicable labor rules like minimum rest periods, minor work rules, and company scheduling practices. 

Forecast labor data

Make better decisions and understand labor resource demand to help hit sales targets with a labor management system. Create labor forecasts using a combination of historical sales data, customer traffic information, recent trends, and seasonal predictions.

Screenshot of forecast labor data for labor planning workforce management

Foster alignment

Help managers schedule with the confidence that they are aligned with business targets and labor demand. A labor management system can free up more time throughout the scheduling process for managers to focus on people and productivity.

Screenshot of how labor planning in Dayforce workforce management can foster alignment

Reduce costs

With a labor management system, you get more visibility into overall scheduling costs so you can minimize them when possible. Prevent costly violations with warning messages that bring issues to the scheduling manager's attention, such as overstaffing scenarios or being out of alignment with labor demand.

Screenshot of reduced labor costs with labor planning features of Dayforce Workforce Management