Integration Studio

Own your integrations

Integrate Dayforce seamlessly into your tech stack

Create, manage, and deploy pre-built and custom integrations with Integration Studio, our in-product experience to help you accelerate your digital transformation. With Integration Studio, anyone can orchestrate secure and efficient integrations in a low-code setting.

Built for interoperability

Expanding access to Dayforce’s Open API Platform is simple and easy. Access all your Dayforce data in one centralized solution, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming legacy code-based interfaces.

Faster, more flexible integrations

Integration Studio empowers users to create, manage, and own their integrations with secure access to Dayforce data. Users can select prebuilt connectors and apply configuration refinement or build custom integrations to meet business requirements.

Enterprise-ready integration technology

Accelerate your integration development process with unlimited access to Dayforce data. Integration Studio leverages the power of the public cloud so that’s it’s secure and low risk for your business.

Everything you need to simplify integrations

Easy to use

Reduce the time to implement your integrations with our open, in-product experience.

Greater customization

Select prebuilt connectors and configure to your requirements or build your integrations from scratch.

Centralized data

Get clear and full visibility into data moving in and out of Dayforce, empowering you to own your integration. 

Event-driven workflows

Access APIs and event-driven services to enable modern, workflow-driven integrations.

No more legacy code

Create integrations with nearly zero code and enhanced mapping and transformation capabilities.

Secure and auditable

Benefit from Dayforce’s security and controls and track changes with auditable data.

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