Dayforce Cloud Extensions

Make the Dayforce platform your own

Extend Dayforce to meet your unique
business needs

Discover the benefits of Dayforce’s single system and data code, with the flexibility to build, manage, and deploy best-in-class functionality. Consolidate legacy apps and point solutions right into Dayforce. Experience faster adoption with a user experience that looks and feels like the core platform.

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Map your specific requirements onto the Dayforce platform with consistent application logic and full access to functionality.


Create capabilities quickly by leveraging the same data models, security, and controls used in your trusted Dayforce core application.


With tables, classes, and APIs maintained by Ceridian, you’ll benefit from continued innovation, upgrades, and scalability.

Built for speed

Dayforce Cloud Extensions* are designed by Ceridian experts to help you build and scale quickly. Experience limitless flexibility, including complex and bespoke features, with enhanced access to Dayforce.


* Requires access to Dayforce Extensibility Framework. Additional PEPM charges per module apply.

Secure and auditable

Extend the Dayforce platform’s security and controls to any new functionality you create. Everything can be tracked with auditable data, and every change you make is reflected across the platform.

Greater efficiency with reduced risk

Gain administrative efficiencies by helping to eliminate the effort and burden of manual processes. All aspects of Dayforce Cloud Extensions are maintained and upgraded by Ceridian with new releases, reducing effort and risk.

Ready to get started?

Learn how Dayforce Cloud Extensions can help you meet the specific needs of your business.

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