Welcome to Release 57

The latest release gives you deeper insights to create harmony between your corporate goals and your people strategy


Engagement can help you build a highly engaged workforce with tools to better understand your people. Continuously measure and collect feedback from your employees, and build data-driven strategies to drive change, boost retention, and motivate your workforce to meet business goals. 

More highlights from Release 57

Import external market data

A new tool in Dayforce Compensation gives managers access to market pay data, helping them make fair compensation decisions to retain top talent.

Facial verification for Dayforce Touch

Dayforce Touch is now equipped with facial authentication, a major step towards building a zero physical interaction clock. Employees no longer need to scan their fingerprint to clock in.

Dayforce Analytics

Keep every branch of your business on track by comparing performance toward company goals across multiple locations. Measure progress based on your company’s KPI data.