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The latest release provides organizations with innovative solutions that empower employees to perform their best 

Dayforce On-Demand Pay provides organizations with more choice over how and when to pay their employees. Employees can access their earned wages when they need it instead of waiting for standard, fixed paydays. It is the first pay solution of its kind to be offered within a complete HCM solution.

Dayforce Assistant enables employees to easily and conveniently manage their work-life activities anytime, anywhere with a simple voice or chat command. It provides a new way of interacting with Dayforce and helps organizations provide a better employee experience, minimize coverage gaps and increase accessibility.

Decision Support provides employees with the guidance they need to make more informed benefits choices. By asking four straightforward questions, recommendations of the most favorable benefits packages that matches their needs are shown. This helps to ensure employees get the right coverage, and save on costs, while reducing effort.

More highlights from Release 56

Performance Development Plans

A new enhancement to Performance Management which enables managers and employees to create personalized development plans. Development plans can help employees be more successful at their job or prepare for a future opportunity.

Learning on mobile

Give your people the opportunity to learn everywhere. The new Dayforce Learning app gives employees the convenience and flexibility to learn on the go. Employees can even pre-download content within the app so learning remains uninterrupted in the event they are without data or an internet connection.

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