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Dayforce Release 54 continues our commitment to delivering a comprehensive human capital management platform for managing the entire employee lifecycle

As part of this release, we worked closely with our customers to better understand the challenges they have in managing their people. With the addition of new modules and feature enhancements, Dayforce Release 54 delivers a more intuitive, complete and global HCM solution.


Dayforce Learning was designed to take learning out of the training room and make it a continuous and dynamic experience. It makes learning part of an employee’s daily routine from the moment they are onboarded until the day they retire. Social learning allows employees to create and share content, and get answers from their peers and subject matter experts. With Dayforce Learning, employees have the chance to learn when and how they want.

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Dayforce Compensation leverages data from across the platform to provide managers with the insights they need to make informed compensation decisions. Managers can drill down on employees to see relevant data with auto-allocation tools that help set baselines for award recommendations. With Dayforce Compensation, organizations have the right tools to reward and retain people based on factors that really matter.

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Flight Risk

Building on our predictive analytics capabilities, Dayforce now helps you identify employee flight risk. Dayforce uses sophisticated predictive methods that analyze key factors linked to flight risk to identify top performers at risk and let you know. Managers can take a quick assessment survey to gain access to the Flight Risk toolkit to better understand the contributing factors, and learn how to have a meaningful conversation with the employee about why they’re at risk. With Dayforce Flight Risk, you have the tools to proactively address potential retention problems.

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U.K. Payroll

Organizations can now pay their U.K. employees natively through Dayforce. For companies headquartered or with remote offices in the U.K., Dayforce U.K. Payroll provides end-to-end payroll and allows you to accurately pay U.K.-based employees. Dayforce handles applicable regulations and compliance, and integrates with HMRC for proper tax calculation and submission. With the expansion of Dayforce’s payroll coverage, more organizations can benefit from our innovative, real-time payroll. 

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Enhancements to Talent

As your organization grows, so do your needs. Both Dayforce Recruiting and Performance Management have been enhanced to improve the experience for users. New features like Talent Pools for Recruiting and Peer Reviews for Performance Management make it easier for teams to organize data, work together and collaborate on common goals.

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Additional Features


Task Lists

Enhancements to Onboarding let managers create task lists and assign them to specific employees. Also, documents can now be attached to all types of onboarding tasks. 

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Improvements to Employee Profile

Enhancements to Employee Profile provide a redefined user experience. HR tasks are streamlined to make it easier for managers to navigate employee records and quickly find relevant information. 

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Streamlined Workflows

Working with our customers, we’ve made enhancements for an optimized payroll experience that requires fewer steps and provides more visibility into compensation data.

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Simplified Setup

We’ve made it easier to set up and configure benefits. Administrators can more easily configure plans and options, toggle between plans, and apply additional filter parameters. 

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Workforce Management

Operations View

Operations View provides visibility into key performance indicators that drive your business, so you can make more insightful decisions and deploy labor more effectively and efficiently. 

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Approvals on the Go

Enhancements to approvals allow managers to make more decisions from their mobile device, including the ability to approve overtime banking, unfilled shift trades and unfilled shift bid requests. 

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