Employee Safety Monitoring

Monitor the health and safety of your employees during the Coronavirus outbreak

Organizations need to ensure the safety of their employees while maintaining business operations

Dayforce Employee Safety Monitoring is an effective tool to track employee location, health status, and emergency contact info. Dayforce allows you to manage exposure risk and communicate with speed and accuracy.

Monitor employee location

Monitor whether employees are working from home or performing critical functions at their primary work location to manage exposure risk.

Status and health reporting

Report on health status through employee self-service to track affected employees and impacted coworkers

Communicate effectively

Real-time location-based notifications update employees about important health and safety information.

Update personal information from anywhere

Dayforce Employee Safety Monitoring can capture all personal information about your company's employees and allow them to check in at the office or at home. Your employees can provide their information on a desktop or through mobile to ensure the most up-to-date details are captured.

Configure key HR forms to track COVID-19

Dayforce Employee Safety Monitoring provides the tools that help your company track your employees and their health status to manage exposure risks. Real-time reports make it possible to have up to date status and manage workforce.

Send communications to employees

Dayforce allows your company to communicate the latest information with your employees through work email, personal email, or text messages. Ensure your employees are up to date with all the information required to manage through the pandemic.