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People empowerment

Dayforce Benefits walks your employees through every step of enrollment, empowering administrators with the ultimate tool for managing, forecasting, and adjusting plans for cost and usage.

Self-guided pace

With guided support, employees can understand how different benefit plans would impact them and choose the best option for their needs. They’ll walk through an introduction to the program, set up their profile, make their elections, and confirm —either on web or mobile.

Automatic eligibility matching

Employees are only presented with benefits they’re eligible for based on a configurable list of qualifiers. Administrators define the rules for plans, options, and rates, making enrollment more accurate and compliant.

Informed decision-making

Our advanced support system helps employees make informed decisions. Through targeted questions, employees identify any medical needs they anticipate, and the system determines which plan is most beneficial based on their answers.

“We chose Dayforce because we wanted everything in one system. We wanted employees to access one system for their pay, performance, and benefits.”

Crescent Bank

Improved efficiency

Easy elections management

Manage coverage for employees and their dependents, and view the plans they’re eligible for – all in one place.

Linked in real-time

Real-time connections to Payroll and HR inform eligibility and calculate employee deductions, eliminating duplicate data entry.

Hundreds of integrations

Integrates with hundreds of pre-configured and supported benefits carriers for easy setup and maintenance.

Intelligent insights

Our best-in-class Benefits Intelligence engine gives HR professionals the insights they need to provide the most value for both their employees and the company.

Forecast trends

Prepare your organization for the year ahead by intelligently simulating plan adoption, helping you forecast enrollment trends and costs.

Measure impact

Measure the financial impact of different plan adoptions should your organization propose changes.

Identify gaps

Measure the strengths and weaknesses of your plans and identify what’s missing through a best-fit plan analysis.

Decision support

Leverage decision support analytics to adjust your plan designs and ensure your plans for employees remain competitive.

Model adjustments

Model adjustments to your benefits plan designs through a what-if analysis to identify valuable opportunities for adoption and cost improvements.

Cost analysis

Analyze the costs associated with changes to plan design so you can better examine financial impact.

Frequently asked questions

Benefits software is a platform where benefits administrators can input information about health, financial, wellness, and other benefits so that employees can view and make benefits elections during a company’s enrollment period. It is often part of a larger suite of products called HCM software.

Dayforce’s benefits software is written on the same codebase as our payroll, workforce management, HR, and other product features, which means that benefit data appears in real-time across appropriate parts of Dayforce.

Dayforce’s benefits software can be used by all company employees who have been given access. It includes self-service features so that employees can view their current benefits, enroll in benefits as a new employee or during the annual enrollment period, and receive support for their elections.

Our benefits software is sold using a subscription model based on the number of employees who will be using the product. Cost also varies based on the need for advanced decision support for employees, whether the company needs to file ACA reports, and the complexity of implementation.

Benefits software is sold through a sales representative who can discuss the needs of your company, work with you to help determine the right product and feature mix, talk through the scope and cost of implementation, and create a contract.

“When we look at benefits interactions, Dayforce saved us over a month of keying in transactions related to life events and health savings accounts.”

Manager of Technology, Farm Credit Foundations

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