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Dayforce is a single source of truth that empowers HR, engages your people, and provides intelligent insights.

A complete picture

From compensation to benefits and performance, Dayforce provides you with details you need about your people in one place.

Unified employee view

From compensation to benefits to performance, Dayforce gives you access to key details about your people in one place.

Benefits enrollment

Employees enroll with guided support, allowing you to manage, forecast, and optimize your benefits offerings to drive up adoption and manage cost.

Advanced analytics

Visualize your HCM analytics to gain a deep understanding of your business and make proactive, informed decisions.

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People empowerment

Employee self-service

With Dayforce HR, employees have easy access to pay details, scheduling, benefits, and more. They can quickly update personal, professional, and payroll information themselves and even complete common tasks through chat and voice commands.

Tailored content

Through our unique Dayforce Hub, you can empower your team and help reduce the administrative burden on HR. Personalize content to specific teams and people. Drive productivity by sharing quick access to important links and timely communications relevant to each audience.

Keep it confidential

Role-based security helps to ensure data privacy without exposing access to confidential data. Employees are only able to view and update information relevant to them. Single page views of important forms are easy to fill out and sign, and managers have access to unique overview screens.

Intelligent insights

Understanding what drives your business is critical to your success. Gain insights through reports and dashboards throughout Dayforce, so you can monitor key trends.

Flight-risk assessment

Managers have quick access to our flight risk AI, which, at a glance, shows employees who may be at risk of leaving the organization.

Personality profiles

Our TeamRelate feature gives managers insight into personality types, helping them understand how to better position employees to succeed.

Performance data

Performance data is easily accessible for managers on the My Team page, making it easy to see the status of each employee at a glance.

Smart reports

Dayforce provides a vast catalog of standard reports that is consistently updated based on marketplace changes and customer feedback.

Knowledge management

Our test-and-learn program gives you the insights to understand the employee experience and tools to continuously improve communication.

Custom reporting

Our custom reporting tool allows you to create tailored reports and dashboards to give you actionable insights and help you make better decisions.

Frequently asked questions

HR software, often called HCM software, serves as a secure, central location for companies to maintain their employee records.

HR software houses personal information about employees with confidentiality mechanisms built into the system to help ensure that only the right people have access.

Our HR capability is written on the same codebase as our payroll, workforce management, benefits, and other product features, which means that data appears in real time across all parts of Dayforce.

Our HR software can be used by all company employees who have been given access. It includes self-service features so that employees can update their personal information, view pay details, see schedules, read important HR communications, fill out forms, and more.

HR software is often sold using a subscription model based on the number of employees who will be using the product. Cost also varies based on the number of components included in the package, as well as the complexity of the company’s organizational structure.

Most HR software is sold through a sales representative who can discuss the needs of your company, work with you to help determine the right product and feature mix, talk through the scope and cost of implementation, and create a contract.

Dayforce supports global enterprise companies and is available in over 160 countries.

“With a distributed labor force, having a platform that not only organizes data, but puts incentives and motivations in place, is paramount.”

CEO, Bargain Hunt

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