Benefits enrollment

Simplify benefits enrollment with decision support

Provide a benefits enrollment solution that helps employees easily and intuitively choose the best coverage for their needs

Organizations recognize that in order to get the best performance from their employees, they need to be provided with support and options to manage their health and wellness needs. Providing the right benefits enables employees to feel more motivated at work and valued by their company. Dayforce's Benefits Enrollment Platform promotes independence through self-service tools that help employees choose the right plan for their needs and lifestyle.

Make smarter choices

Give your employees the information to help them choose the coverage they need in case of emergencies, and for regular health checks.


Annual enrollment begins with relevant news and updates to keep employees informed of company policies and options.

for life

Dayforce lets employees easily add beneficiaries to their plans to accommodate their changing lifestyles.

Simplify enrollment

Make enrolling for benefits easier with a benefits enrollment platform that walks employees though each step. Dayforce explains employee coverage options and lets employees easily make their elections by themselves without having to rely on an administrator to do it for them.

Match eligibility automatically

Employees are presented only with benefits for which they are eligible. Administrators can choose from a library of qualifiers to define eligibility rules, which can be applied to all benefits plans and options, reducing the need for administrator rework once employees submit their enrollments.

Make better decisions

Decision Support enables employees to make more informed choices. A short series of questions evaluates employee needs and provides information about benefits packages that match their needs and preferences. This helps employees get the coverage they need, while reducing administrative burden.

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