Benefits analytics and administration software

Make smarter benefits decisions

Maximize the value of your benefits investment while making it easy for admins to manage enrollment options

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Make more informed budgeting and planning decisions by comparing employee election details and enrollment patterns.

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on target

With real-time access to enrollment totals and premiums, easily review benefits costs at any time to stay on budget.

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Offer smarter options

Help your people make decisions that suit their needs with a variety of coverage options and multiple, flexible plans.

Forecasted enrollment

Use data to better prepare for the year ahead. Forecast enrollment trends and costs by simulating the adoption of different plans, and measure the financial impact. This can help reduce employee out-of-pocket expenses, and help you optimize plan premiums based on your forecasted data.

Screenshot of forecasted enrollment functionality in Dayforce Benefits Administration

Best-fit plan analysis

How well are your plans working for your people? Identify strengths and gaps in your current offering by measuring plan usage and distribution across your employee base. Use this information to design more competitive plans that better meet your employees changing needs.

Screenshot of best fit plan analysis in Dayforce Benefits Administration

Simple elections management

Manage coverage for employees and their dependents and view the plans for which they are eligible within a single screen. Informative enrollment data provides a view into benefits elections at the plan and option levels and identifies which plans are the most popular, and which have the lowest adoption.

Screenshot of simple elections management in Dayforce Benefits Administration
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