People Analytics

Drive performance through data-driven insights

Make better workforce and business decisions

People Analytics helps you make data-driven decisions about your workforce. With our robust library of pre-built dashboards and KPIs built by our data scientists, you can reveal hidden insights and forecast future trends.

Go from data to decision-making faster

With pre-built dashboards and 27 core KPIs, People Analytics helps you make informed, data-driven decisions. Easy-to-understand charts with in-line support help you interpret data. And our extensive content and community features support you at every step, helping you make informed decisions 

Gain deeper insights into workplace stress, DEI, and beyond

Spot underlying trends and make proactive decisions to engage and retain your people. Use the Work Energy dashboard to identify employees at risk of being overworked, and leverage the DEI dashboard to understand the progress of your latest initiatives.

Equip leaders with metrics they can trust

Our system dashboards and measures deliver core value metrics that align with ISO standards and the latest academic research in HR. With People Analytics, you’ll get a turnkey analytics experience, so you can start solving problems and create meaningful change across your organization.

Unlock insights across your organization

Measure what matters

Access 27 pre-calculated KPIs that span across all major functions, built to meet ISO-recognized standards. 

See the full picture

With a unified view of your workforce data in Dayforce, you can make informed decisions that drive impact.

Drill into the details

With over 16 out-of-the box dashboards, easily understand every dimension of your organization’s performance.

Ready to get started?

Discover how Dayforce can help you manage compliance, make smarter decisions, and improve the employee experience.

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