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Choosing the best way to manage payroll depends on your business goals. The right payroll provider will understand your unique challenges and partner with you to find the best solution for your organization.

To cloud or not to cloud

You know how your on-premise solution works, so stick with what you’re used to, right? Not so fast. The speed of change is accelerating, and you need your payroll system to keep up. Payroll software in the cloud is a reliable, flexible, and scalable option that supports organizational efficiency.

Outsourcing payroll vs.

Today’s organizations need to think about both current and future business needs when it comes to choosing between managing payroll in-house or outsourcing it. The right payroll software can reduce the administrative burden on your team for greater efficiency, while outsourcing can help you focus on your core business.

The ‘payroll crunch’ vs.
real-time payroll

Many payroll solutions rely on imports, exports, and batch processing to complete payroll. This can create less time to review and audit your data before committing payroll, resulting in errors. Make payroll simpler and remove that burden with real-time payroll. It combines time and pay together in a single system, so you can view and audit payroll data at any time, even in the middle of a pay cycle. A full suite HCM solution compounds that efficiency by sharing data between time, pay, benefits, and HR in real time.

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Frequently asked questions

There are many factors that go into deciding the best way for your organization to tackle payroll. Some companies can accomplish their goals by implementing technology to make payroll more efficient, whereas others may choose to focus on their core business and outsource the payroll function to an outside vendor.

Some factors to consider are:

  • The size of your workforce
  • Whether your employees are in one location or spread out across multiple jurisdictions
  • The relative knowledge and skill set of your team, and time-to-hire for an experienced payroll professional
  • The cost of each option
  • Whether or not your team's time is better spent on other activities

Our team of experts can talk with you about your goals to help you determine your best option for payroll.

Whether you're considering a payroll vendor switch, or implementing a payroll system for the first time, there are a lot of important questions to ask potential vendors. Here are a few key questions to start you off:

  1. What experience do you have with companies of a similar size in my industry?
  2. How does your payroll system integrate with other functions (i.e. HR, benefits, etc.)?
  3. How can your system overcome the specific challenges we're facing? For example, how does your system handle complex tax rules? (Bring your list of specific requirements and challenges)
  4. How do you price your products?
  5. How do you partner with organizations to ensure a successful implementation and a positive return on investment?
  6. Can your system scale as we grow? Can it handle multi-jurisdictional taxation (U.S.) and global payroll?
  7. How do you handle security and data privacy?
  8. What advantages do I get with a cloud platform?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask a potential payroll vendor. Additional questions may emerge based on the specific needs of your business.

Outsourcing is a good option for many organizations, as it can support business continuity and allow companies to focus on the core business. Here are some considerations:

  • Does your organization have the right technology and expertise to respond to changing legislation?
  • Do you have plans to expand into new regions?
  • How much time does your team dedicate to researching, understanding, and applying applicable payroll tax laws?
  • What is the cost of payroll errors or inaccuracies to your organization?
  • Is your payroll team set up to process payroll from anywhere at any time?
  • Are there succession plans in place to fill vacancies should your payroll staff become ill or leave the company?

Learn more about outsourcing payroll and how to determine if it's right for your organization.

Many organizations are looking for ways to save time on payroll processing. The right technology can help your team work more efficiently, especially if you're currently using manual processes.

Most organizations maintain separate systems for payroll and time. This forces you to wait until time data has been processed at the very end of a pay period to work on payroll, creating a short time-frame for updating, correcting, and verifying all data before payroll commit. This may lead to extended work hours, unnecessary stress, and errors.

Dayforce helps improve speed and efficiency by combining payroll and time-tracking together so that you can access and audit data throughout the pay cycle. That means you don't have to wait until the pay period closes and rush to process payroll – you can work on it on your own time. And because it's in the cloud, payroll can happen from anywhere.

Learn more about how Dayforce can make payroll processing more accurate and efficient.

The goal of implementing any payroll solution is to improve efficiency, save time, and reduce costs. When you’re evaluating a payroll software, you should be aiming to learn how it can achieve these goals. Here are some considerations:

  • Can this vendor clearly demonstrate ROI?
  • Does the vendor have customer case studies from similar companies in my industry that show how the product adds value?
  • Does the vendor understand and have experience within my industry?
  • How can this software support compliance with payroll and tax requirements?
  • How can this software help make my business more efficient?
  • How will the software integrate with my other technology?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask when evaluating a new payroll software. 

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