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The right payroll solution can help your organization navigate the complexities of today’s business world. End the “hurry up and wait” routine your payroll team dreads each pay period. Respond to those ever-changing requirements without wasting hours of strategy time. Support your employees’ financial wellness, especially during the hard times. Dayforce can redefine how your whole organization experiences payroll.

Find the right payroll solution

Learn about different options for payroll software and services to help pay your people accurately and on time.

Work on payroll any time in the pay cycle, and from anywhere

Dayforce combines pay and time in a single application. This means that it continuously calculates your data, so changes to pay, time, and HR records are reflected in real time. It also means you can audit and verify data at any time throughout the pay cycle for more efficient, accurate payroll. And because it’s in the cloud, you can process payroll from your couch, the office, or anywhere.

Better manage compliance, even with ever-changing requirements

Dayforce helps protect your bottom line by minimizing the risk – and costs – of non-compliance. Our team monitors for changing laws and regulations that can impact our products, while identifying opportunities to build more intelligence into Dayforce. This can help you stay on top of complex payroll and tax rules, even in multiple jurisdictions, so you can feel more confident paying your team.

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Make any day payday without disrupting your existing payroll process

On-demand pay through Dayforce Wallet gives your employees greater control over their finances with real-time access to their earnings, without changing the way you currently process payroll. Dayforce uses continuous calculation, so you can process on-demand pay as a regular payroll with the appropriate tax remittances, garnishment protection, and deductions. The reconciliation occurs automatically at the end of the pay period, and you can maintain your existing payroll funding schedule.

Dayforce is a complete HCM solution


Pay and time are unified in Dayforce, so your team can access and audit data at any time. Continuous calculation automatically updates net pay when a time, benefits, or HR record is changed.



A single employee record across the whole platform means having access to the right data when and where you need it, with insights to better manage your team and business.



Benefits are easier for employees and HR teams to manage in Dayforce with built-in eligibility rules, decision support tools, and a single system that updates payroll automatically.


Talent management

A holistic talent management system helps you build – and retain – a strong team. Align your people to the right goals and help them build the skills to propel your business into the future.


Workforce management

Dayforce helps you get the most out of every labor dollar spent, create schedules that match demand, and reduce wasted effort, all relying on real-time data.



Ceridian offers a wide range of services – from managed payroll to tech-enabled implementation to education – that can support your organization and help you focus on your core business.


“Since we’ve implemented Dayforce, processing payroll has become much faster. The employee clocks their time via the mobile app from virtually anywhere. The process has become much more efficient than it was before.”

Lisa Ruiz, Director of Payroll Services, Houston Texans

We love our customers and are incredibly proud to say the feeling is mutual, having been named a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice.

Time for a smarter payroll solution

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