Better payroll software

Process payroll on your time

Payroll processing has changed

We have dramatically changed the way companies process payroll. With our payroll software, teams are empowered to access and process payroll data throughout the pay period. In doing so, we have made it possible to process payroll faster, giving you more time back in your day. Let’s explore how Dayforce creates a better experience.

Unified pay and time

Dayforce payroll software combines payroll and time so you can access and work on payroll at anytime during the pay period. This allows you to work on payroll at your pace and time.

Continuous calculation

Net pay is automatically updated whenever a time, benefits, or HR record is changed through continuous calculation, keeping your data up-to-date and accurate.

Compliance managed

Our experts monitor changing trends and policies to help you address complex payroll and tax rules. These are coded directly into Dayforce payroll software, helping to manage compliance.

More time
for creating

The Blue Man Group saw a near immediate improvement in the time it took to process payroll. One member of the Las Vegas team was able to shave a few hours off their processing time just a few weeks after implementing Dayforce.

More time
for winning

The Denver Broncos addressed the pain points of managing payroll for its complex workforce by using Dayforce. Eliminating their time-consuming manual processes and improving employee-manager communication leaves them more time to focus on employee experience and planning for the future.

More time
for dining

Oliver & Bonacini centralized their employee information and payroll in Dayforce, saving the restaurant company thousands of dollars in management time. Thanks to Dayforce, managers and staff have the technology and real-time information they need to keep things moving smoothly.

Why partner with Ceridian

Payroll leader

Ceridian has provided payroll services to our customers for over half a century. Our history, strength, and experience is grounded in payroll.

Global scale

See your workforce in one place. Manage and run payroll in a central location for each of your international regions through a single application.

Streamlined approach

Payroll data is unified with HR and time so when records are updated in one area, the changes flow throughout the entire application, saving you time and effort.


Work on your own time, from anywhere. Our cloud application allows you to work at your desk, on-the-go, through your tablet, or on your mobile phone.

Safety of the cloud

Have peace of mind knowing your private data stays confidential. Our established security program keeps your data safe in accordance with ISO security standards.

Proactive support

Our support team uses big data and predictive technologies to identify issues before they happen. This helps to ensure your payroll is ready when you are.

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