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Walton delivers the future of tax credits and incentives, leveraging the most advanced technology, coupled with more than 35 years of experience.

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The future of tax credits and incentives is here.. 

For many companies, the challenge with tax credits is identifying and implementing streamlined, innovative and simple yet proven solutions that deliver maximum savings to the bottom line, ensuring no money is left on the table.  It is expected that as part of tax reform, for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) could be made permanent, which will prompt companies to take a closer look at their existing tax credit provider and explore robust technology and innovative options to reduce long-term costs.

Let’s face it; times have changed.  Using a company’s valuable staff and resources to administer tax credits is not the best use of their time; especially when so much of it can be automated.  Companies needs a partner who understands smart technology and can deliver simple and innovative solutions to minimize its efforts and reduce cost.  This is the only way to maximize savings.

Fortunately, there’s Walton - delivering the future of tax credits through its award-winning platform, ForeSite.  Critical changes to the tax credit landscape now make it possible to leverage modern technology and automate the pursuit and maximization of tax credits, giving back valuable time and resources.  Walton’s technology delivers the most advanced platform to manage and drive tax credit results effortlessly.

We understand change is not always easy, and there may be a natural hesitation and other factors that may discourage the implementation new solutions.  For these reasons, we have developed a well-coordinated onboarding process to quickly implement our solutions for new clients and put your minds at ease.  As trusted leaders with a sole focus in our respective areas of expertise, Walton has implemented superior solutions to many companies, seamlessly transforming cumbersome, underperforming and time-consuming processes.

Walton thrives in helping businesses who are ready to embrace the changes required to maximize savings while honoring brand values and exceeding service expectations.  A partnership with Walton will transform an employer’s tax credits administration into an effortless, scalable and sustainable cost-reduction.