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Cloud-Based Software for Efficient and Compliant Management of the FMLA, military, ADA & 450+ pieces of state leave legislation


Founded in 1987, Presagia has a long history of helping organizations solve complex business problems with easy-to-use solutions. Our cloud-based absence management solutions enable organizations to be more efficient, control lost time and risk, and strengthen compliance with federal, state and municipal leave and accommodation laws. At the heart of all of our products is our Absence Compliance Engine, which houses more than 450 Federal, State and Municipal leave rules, and is continuously updated, ensuring our clients are keeping in line with the ever-evolving leave landscape. 

Presagia offers three different absence management solutions:  

Presagia Leave is a cloud-based solution simplifying leave management and the FMLA. This solution enables employers to accurately manage federal and state leave laws, employer policies, and “leave as a reasonable accommodation” under the ADA. With easy-to-use automated workflows, Presagia Leave strengthens compliance and helps you navigate through the complex world of absence management with ease.

Presagia ADA, which leverages the same platform as Presagia Leave, includes sophisticated workflow and case management capabilities to fully support the Interactive Process. Presagia ADA also includes a job bank and the ability to clearly identify the essential functions as defined by the ADA.

Finally, for smaller employers, there is Leave Genius, a cloud-based web app designed to help small and medium-sized employers make the right decisions when faced with a leave request. It checks all leave requests against Presagia’s Absence Compliance Engine, and tells you what to do according to legal best practices.

Today, Presagia proudly counts leading organizations such as (insert some joint customers names here) among our happy customers.