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FlexWage delivers a financial wellness benefit that saves employers money while providing financial empowerment to their employees.  Increasing employee satisfaction and reducing turnover, our patented solution provides a win-win for employers and employees.


FlexWage believes hard working Americans deserve financial wellness benefits so they can be relieved from the destructive cycle of bank overdraft fees and predatory loans. Financial stress induced by employee cash flow challenges adversely affects quality of life and workplace productivity. FlexWage’s patented solution solves this massive socio-economic problem. 

Our system interfaces directly with Dayforce payroll and time & attendance software to calculate employees’ earned wages.  Employees may access a portion of their earned wages prior to payday when cash flow challenges arise, eliminating the need for bank overdrafts and high cost short-term third party lending.  Policies govern the frequency and percentage of the new accrual that employees may access; there is no financial risk as the employee has already earned the pay.