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Employers Edge is an award-winning provider of unemployment cost control, employment & income verification and electronic I-9 services focused on reducing your costs and simplifying your process.

Employers Edge, LLC

Employers Edge is an award-winning provider of outsourced unemployment cost control, employment & income verification and electronic I-9 services.

Unemployment Services:
Our depth of expertise covers all critical areas - unemployment claims management, hearings representation, auditing & tax planning, educational training and legislative updates. Whether your enterprise is a small local operation or a Fortune 500 company with a national presence, Employers Edge can help you dramatically reduce your costs and simplify your process. Service provider quality and effectiveness have a substantial financial impact on the customers' bottom line. Even small improvements in the overall win ratio by a more effective service provider will produce additional savings into the 6 figures for small to mid-size employers (even into the 7 figures for large employers). In addition to markedly improving levels of service and responsiveness, Employers Edge continues to improve outcomes and deliver significant additional savings for employers that switch from the competition.
Employment Verifications:
While essential for your employees as they apply for a loan, new job, or public benefits, employment and income verifications are time consuming for your HR or Payroll team. By automating these mundane, transactional tasks with our InVerify program, you'll optimize efficiency, security, and savings. Our fast and secure online Employment Verification system is available 24/7. State-of-the-art technology includes a mobile app, support for fax, mail & online requests. All of which frees up valuable resources from time consuming transactional activities.
Electronic I-9s
More and more organizations are at risk of receiving an I-9 audit. Have your forms been completed in compliance with federal requirements? There are many nuances you may not know, leaving you open to legal liability, potential fines and penalties. Thus, companies are now choosing to partner with experts to save time and reduce liability. We allow you to accomplish more in less time with the most compliant cloud-based, mobile-enabled Form I-9 solution available.