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Certn is the most effective way of pre-screening applicants. Our 100% online application system uses, social, behavioural and employment profiles to make the most accurate pre-employment decisions.


Certn is the new standard in pre-employment screening. With the most data sources, most accurate scoring and industry leading artificial intelligence Certn offers a powerful product that ensures our clients pick the best applicant.

By using our industry leading social, behavioural and employment profiles, you’r company will:


  • Hire honest, credible, applicants with real-time results.
  • Instant results with behavioural profiles to identify role and culture fit.

Assessing role and culture fit means hiring long term, happy employees.


  • Weed out applicants with criminal and public background checks.
  • Social profiles aggregate data from 100,000+ criminal, court and negative press databases.

Bad employees cost thousands. Reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person with effective profiling.

How it works:

Social Profiles

  • Publicly available information
  • Criminal, court data, fraud & watch lists
  • Social media & e-mail verification

Behavioural Profiles

  • Assess applicant character and culture fit
  • Industry leading psychometric tests
  • Social Media/Personality Insights

Employment Profiles

  • Current/past employment verification
  • Income verification
  • References