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D2Xchange is the premier full-service provider of data and electronic document management solutions designed to capture, store, retrieve and distribute information more effectively. A Ceridian partner for 20+ years.

D2Xchange, LLC

Having operations in both the US and Canada, D2Xchange is both a full-service provider of data and electronic document management solutions designed to capture store retrieve and distribute information more effectively. A Ceridian Partner for 20+ years. D2Xchange assists Ceridian’s customers with the scanning/imaging of paper files, data conversion and archiving, ACA reporting compliance, 1099 reporting and certified payroll reporting. D2Xchange has exclusively partnered with Ceridian to scan and import historical documents and data directly into Dayforce. Our mobile scanning teams will travel anywhere is the US or Canada to image documents onsite at your facilities in cases where secure documents cannot be sent offsite. D2Xchange is an AT 101 SOC2 compliant facility also being fully HIPPA compliant and operates at the highest level of security to ensure your information will never be compromised. 

D2Xchange has an Exclusive Partnership with Ceridian around their Dayforce platform relative to scanning and importing historical data. That partnership makes D2Xchange the ideal choice for those seeking paper scanning solutions for any need. D2Xchange will make your transition into the Document Management Module of Dayforce smooth. The ability to quickly, accurately and directly import all scanned paper or digital formats into Dayforce will help your organization achieve an expedient ROI from the Document Management Module of Dayforce.

Over 20 years in partnership with Ceridian has given D2Xchange the ability to help in many different facets, keeping up with your ever-changing technology. Helping with data archiving for all of your historical needs or legal requirements, D2Xchange will give you a competitive advantage and the tools necessary to keep your data close and accessible at all times. Continuing with capability for 1099 reporting and accurate record keeping for contract employees D2Xchange will help you maintain the strictest compliance with regulations. D2Xchange offers Certified Payroll for Ceridian customers to ensure compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act. Providing a direct integration with your payroll system, access to your State and Municipal reports is at your fingertips. Running a Compliance Statement and even a No Work Report for your organization becomes simplified.

D2Xchange strives to ensure every customer has the ability to access Information at the point you need it®. We will strive to provide the ultimate satisfaction in your journey with Ceridian. D2Xchange’s ability to move quickly and adapt is one of our biggest assets. You have access to key personal if any need arises at any time. D2Xchange looks forward to working with you in our partnership with Ceridian.