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Founded by HCM consultants with a primarily technical background, Krotos Group is a services and product company that aims to gage it’s success entirely based on customer satisfaction.

Krotos Group

Krotos Group is a small company that packs a very heavy punch. Collectively, our team has led over 20 successful Dayforce implementations.

Our service offerings and experience allow us to jump in at any time and provide appropriate services; be it implementation consulting, change requests, dedicated support, data extraction and transformation, process review and engineering, or simply building a new report.

Apart from Dayforce related consulting, we also offer client-side project management services. Ensuring that your team has a strong person steering at the helm is a critical component to success.

Krotos Group is also well versed with Dayforce’s new Activate implementation methodology and has had the unique opportunity to contribute in the implementation of Ceridian’s first few mid-market Dayforce customers using the methodology. We can also ensure your team is ready and well equipped to implement the solution using Dayforce’s Activate methodology well before the actual start.

Given the strong technical and HCM domain background of the team, Krotos Group has also come up with solution offerings that can provide tremendous supplemental value to your Dayforce investment. Specifically, these include the building and execution of automated test scripts (for execution during an implementation or scheduled automated test runs after changes or upcoming upgrades), data extraction and hosting of historical data that may be lost after the old system(s) is retired, and our custom reporting solution where we are integrating Dayforce with an external reporting platform.

For more information, please call us toll free at 1-833-KROTOSG, or email us at