Task Management

Organise and prioritise

From one-off projects to recurring activities, make sure the right people are doing the right things at the right time

Deploy tasks strategically

Understand the business impacts of events and tasks, and integrate them into planning and scheduling efforts.

Improve service effectiveness

Properly account for non-service tasks that draw people away from service roles and reassign them accordingly.

Gain operational efficiency

Assign employees to tasks they have the skills to complete. Identify knowledge gaps and cross-train your staff to fill them.

One place for all tasks

Create, assign, review, and deploy tasks to individual locations and departments, all in one place. Attach relevant documents to each task using a convenient uploader tool. Give senior level executives visibility into how tasks have been deployed and insight into each individual location.

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Task competencies

Build a library of skills needed to complete certain tasks. Associate specific skills with specific tasks, then assign to qualified employees. Dayforce ensures tasks are right for employees, and notifies you when someone has been assigned to a task for which they do not have the required skills.

Budget management

Tasks are tracked as service or non-service work, and factored into the calculations that forecast labour needs for optimal scheduling. This helps managers comply with budget requirements when building schedules. Managers can also monitor task analytics and overall budget alignment.