Absence Management

Time off, made even easier

Make time off easier for employees to request, and easier for managers to approve

Reduce admin time

Rapidly request, review, and approve time off, shifting your time from administrative tasks to more productive ones.

Ease compliance

Requests are checked against company policies in real time to enforce rules like minimum balances or black-out periods.

Empower people

Employees can manage their leave requests any time, anywhere, using a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Policies for any scenario

Set employee leave policies with a rich set of rules that you control to meet various business needs. Whether you're enforcing a black-out period or adhering to a union agreement, there's a rule for that. Dayforce blocks requests that violate a policy, and provides a reason to the requester.

Multi-week calendar view

A multi-week view gives greater visibility across your team and into the future. Be better prepared to respond to leave requests over longer periods using a five-week view. Whether you're planning for the day, week or even month, multi-week helps you be more efficient.

A streamlined experience

Employees can manage their leaves from start to finish. They can create requests, review balances, select reasons, add comments and submit the request to their manager. The system also supports requests requiring multi-level approval.

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