Workforce Management

Get the best from your people

Manage your workforce more effectively to make your people happier and your business more successful

See how Dayforce helps you manage your workforce

Time & Attendance

Quickly and accurately track time and attendance and calculate gross pay while adhering to complex federal, county, and  local regulations.

Labour Planning

Create labour forecasts based on historical data so managers can create schedules that have the right people working at the right time.


Deploy schedules quickly and easily, so that staff can access them online or through the mobile app, when and where it's convenient for them. 

Absence Management

Employees can see their balances and request time away from work – vacation days, personal days, sick days, etc. – with little executive effort. 

Task management

Assign employees to different types of shifts or tasks right in Dayforce, so everyone knows what they need to do, and can do it effectively. 


Employees can punch in and out, and log time worked with Dayforce Clocks. Each clock features tools to ensure your company can carry on without missing a beat.