Make better award decisions

Reward and retain people based on factors that really matter

Increased visibility

From individual details to organisational trends, Dayforce provides data at every level.

Informed decisions

Provide managers with the support tools, data and coaching they need to make informed compensation decisions.

Meaningful data

Access data from across human capital management to make strategic decisions, reducing guesswork and complications. 

Insightful support tools

Managers can get recommendations for compliant and informed decision-making. Drill down on specific areas, such as gender pay equity data, by role, performance, and time in position, to make sure employees are compensated fairly.

Collaborative decisions

Managers and senior managers can work together to ensure budgets are being used to drive the greatest impact. Dayforce's flexible workflows let you share information and drive consensus.

Easy administration

Get the tools to build rules and frameworks that help managers make the best use of their compensation budgets, created by your company's compensation professionals. Leverage information already in the Dayforce system and build guidelines, budgets, and workflows.

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