Set goals and see them achieved

Help your people and your business win with an always-on approach to performance management

Align around common goals

Everyone wins when you work towards the same outcome. Unite your people by aligning them with organisational goals.

Measure and motivate

Measure your employees' performance and use smart data to make better promotion and compensation decisions.

Develop continuously

Move beyond traditional reviews to year-round coaching to help your employees and organization meet business goals.

Flexible goal setting

Define different types of goals, including individual, team, organizational and cross-functional, and link them at different levels. Cascading goals helps managers work with employees to set personal goals connected to the bigger business picture. 

Competency development

Develop and improve the skills, behaviours, and traits that will help your people be successful. Assign competencies to your employees, and measure and assess their progress. 

Year-round reviews

Measure performance with a holistic and ongoing view of your workforce. Gain a deeper understanding of your people through reviews completed by the employee, their manager and their peers. Include rating scales, weightings and commenting options to get the data you need.