Global Payroll

Pay your people, everywhere

Transform your international operations with a single view into your global payroll

See your workforce in one place

Navigate your international workforce through one consolidated system. Dayforce enables global payroll in over 160 countries.

Scale to support your growth

Easily set up new features, countries, or employee groups to scale with you as your company grows. 

Provide high visibility

Get a complete view of calculated pay results, with country-specific details down to the employee level.

See the full picture

Get an interactive view of each country's calculated gross-to-net pay results. You can access pay activity by region, country, or globally. This gives you a complete picture of each of your global operating countries.

Conduct global audits

Easily identify anomalies and errors through automated audits. Dayforce includes multiple standard and configurable audits that help administrators identify and resolve issues. Audits let administrators find issues before committing payroll.

Focus on your business

Let our solution help you manage your payroll obligations. Through flexible automation tools and the help of in-country partners, we consistently measure against payroll requirements on a country-by-country basis.

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