Make well-being a priority

Give your employees peace of mind by making it easier to manage their benefits

Tailor employee benefits

Employees can get benefits specifically tailored to their profile in Dayforce. Execs just need to define the eligibility rules, and Dayforce can present the employee with choices that apply to them, based on their HR information. 

Make informed decisions

Support tools give information about each of the available benefit plans to help employees choose the best option for their specific needs. Comparative tools help employees to see the impact of multiple plan options simultaneously.

Save time on process

Eliminate extra steps thanks to a single system that ties benefits to payroll and time information. When an employee selects their benefits option, the system updates their payroll info automatically, saving time on executive work.

See how Dayforce helps make employee well-being a priority


Help employees find and enroll in the coverage they need. Employees can self-select their own options to enroll quickly and start receiving benefits sooner.

Benefits administration

Simplify the management of benefits with real-time updates and previews. Executives gain the insights they need to better track and manage enrolments.