Press Release

This is a time for fundamental reforms

Minneapolis MN and Toronto ON, June 2, 2020

All of us at Ceridian are saddened by the death of George Floyd.  He and his family are in our thoughts and prayers.

We are deeply troubled by the circumstances that led to Mr. Floyd’s senseless death.  Those actions go against everything that we, as a society and as a company, hold so dear. At Ceridian, we do not tolerate any forms of discrimination, bias, or violence.  

The protests across the globe are a response to legitimate frustrations over failings of systems that are in need of major reform.  

This is a time for action.  This is a time for fundamental reforms to ensure all people feel safe, respected, served and protected, and confident that they and their children will return home safely — always.

All employers have an important role to play in this.  We have to ensure that our own organizations are not only diverse, but also equitable and inclusive of everyone.  

  • That means all leaders need to walk the talk and ensure that their organizations have the right policies and programs in place to reinforce the values of inclusion and equity.
  • That means all leaders, managers, and employees must understand how to address unconscious or implicit bias.  
  • That means reviews of policies and programs to make sure they serve all employees equally.
  • That means demanding a diverse slate of candidates for all hiring and promotions.  
  • That means ensuring that all employees are supported and feel valued and that they belong.
  • That means fostering a culture of respect and belonging.

At Ceridian, we are committed to these actions within our own organization and within the communities in which we live and work.


David Ossip
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Leagh Turner
President and Chief Operating Officer


Ceridian will be making a donation in Mr. Floyd’s memory to the Minneapolis Chapter of the NAACP.