Request a SSAE 18 SOC 1 Report – U.S.

Canadian, US and Dayforce SSAE 18 SOC Reports
Effective July 1st, 2016, Ceridian SSAE 18 SOC reports and quarterly Letters of Assurance are available on the Ceridian Customer Due Diligence site.

Visit the Customer Due Diligence Site

About the Customer Due Diligence Site
The Customer Due Diligence site was designed to help customers review and understand the privacy and security program Ceridian uses to protect the customers’ data.

The documents and resources available through the site consist of the following:

  • Program materials, called Series 1 materials include a description of the design of the Information Protection Program, together with associated policies and standards and other program-related materials. These items apply to all North American Ceridian products and services offerings.
  • Product documentation, called Series 2 materials consist of technical documentation that details the controls in place in support of our policies and standards. SSAE 18 SOC reports and quarterly Letters of Assurance are also contained within the product documentation sections. To assist clients, the product documentation section has combined all relevant materials and reports. For example, Tax services are available in the US both as a standalone offering and as part of the US Dayforce HCM product offering. Therefore, the US Tax SOC report is available from both the Tax product page and the Dayforce US product page. The Dayforce product page will also contain any other SOC reports that are needed by Clients, such as the Dayforce SOC report and the NaviSite SOC report. All required SOC reports would be on the applicable product page.
  • Additional services and information can be requested from Audit and review services such as site visits or client custom questionnaires are also available on a fee-for-service basis. Contact your Sales or account representative, who will provide you with a Statement of Work.

Please direct additional questions your Sales or Account representative.

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